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Building VIPS and nip2 for Windows

These instructions are for building vips and nip2 in a cross-compiler from Linux. It's also possible to build the packages directly on Windows, but you're more on your own there.

Installing MinGW

First, you need to install MinGW. Ubuntu 10.10 includes a package for this that works for me. Older Ubuntus have broken mingw packages and you'll need to make your own.

Installing jhbuild

Next, install jhbuild. This is a tool for automatically patching and building sets of software from source. Don't actually build anything with it, just do a basic install.

Download the vips build system

We have a set of scripts and config files on github:

git clone git://

Have a look at the README, set a few variables (you'll need to tell it where to find the cross-compiler, for example), and enter:

jhbuild --file=jhbuildrc --moduleset=vips.modules build nip2

and you should have your own nip2-7.x.x-setup.exe.

It can build just the libraries as well, have a look at the README.