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libvips documentation

The libvips page has a bullet-point overview of the features. We have the following detailed guides:

nip2 documentation

nip2 quickstart

Here are some quick guides to introduce nip2. These guides are part of the nip2 manual: click Help / Contents to view the guide while using the program.

Quick interface tour 
Runs quickly though some easy stuff to show how the interface works.
Infrared reflectogram mosaic tour 
Explains how to use nip2 to build reflectogram mosaics.
Nerd tour 
Goes into some detail about the insides of nip2 and how to program your own widgets.

The Examples page summarises the example workspaces that come with nip2. Several of the HOWTO guides are worked examples.

nip2 guides

The following full guides are on-line:

nip2 Users' Guide 
This is an online copy of the documentation included with the program. We have the same thing formatted as PDF.
NIP2 Beginners Guide 
The beginners guide has now been added directly to the wiki here.


Consider referencing one of these in your publications if you use VIPS/nip --- it helps us keep it going.

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