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We have the following HOWTO guides up:

Quickstart guide 
The quick interface tour from the nip2 user guide.
Bulk cropping with nip2 - crop a lot of images
Colour calibration with nip2 
How to use nip2 to colour correct images.
nip2 for nerds 
The tutorial chapter from the nip2 guide which introduces writing your own widgets.
Build on windows 
How to build VIPS and nip on windows.
Build on OS X 
How to build on Mac OS X.
Vips and nip2 on OS X 
Some further notes on using vips in OS X
Build on Ubuntu 
How to build from source on Ubuntu.
Build on Cygwin 
How to build on Windows using Cygwin.
Build for Open Embedded 
How to build for Open Embedded Linux for Gumstix
How to translate VIPS to another language.